Taking a step up(cycling)

It’s been a while, I admit. But let’s not dwell. 

I’ve been forever browsing decor ideas on Pinterest, waiting for inspiration to strike. It came, in the form of a ladder

So I sent DH to the local junk shop, where he found a wooden ladder. We had measured how long we’d want it at home, so he purchased the ladder, carried it to the car and took a saw to it (don’t worry – we didn’t want it to function as a ladder…)

Once DH got it home, he sanded the ladder and sponged it down with some soap. We then took a trip to Wickes and bought three brackets. We were paranoid about how much the ladder could support, so we opted for heavy duty brackets.

Half an hour later…



Although I didn’t actually create any of this (I’m more of a thinker, than a do-er) – DH said himself it was pretty easy to do.

Overall cost…

Ladder – junk shop £15
Brackets – Wickes £2.49 x3


A play on words.

I wanted to make something special for DH’s Christmas present, and in an attempt to out-do myself, I decided to make an even better photo frame than the last one.

I won’t take all the credit – I got this idea from Notonthehighstreet.com, but just wasn’t willing to splurge £49 for an assortment of arbitrary words. I do detest when random verbs are framed, like ‘laugh’, ‘smile’, ‘happy’, makes me want to throw a thesaurus at it.

Moving swiftly on – what you’ll need to buy is a 3D box frame, Scrabble letters (Ebay, of course) and glue.

Scrabble tiles

When you order your Scrabble tiles, make sure you read the description and check you’ve got all the letters you need. There’s a huge choice on Ebay, most are good but some are a bit naff and only provide vowels or one letter in particular. Read the small print.

3D box photo frame

As for the photo frame, obviously make sure it’s a 3D box frame, but also that it comes assembled. I didn’t read the small print <slaps wrist> and bought a frame that came in parts. This was from Ebay too, but there are also quite a few on Amazon.

3D box photo frame

Hopefully you won’t have to do this part – but I had to screw in the border to hold the glass in place. Luckily DH’s drill/screw driver thing was lying around and I managed to work it out. This was definitely the hardest part, but I’m a bit pathetic not one for DIY.


Next I placed one of DS’s drawings under the template for the frame, drew around and cut it. Obviously you can use a different background, or just keep it plain.


I had to make sure the tiles fit before I glued everything down. I spent fifteen minutes searching for glue to no avail, so I gave up and used flooring adhesive…

Scrabble photo frame

When the glued had dried, I placed the frame on top and sealed it. Here’s the frame on my wall (before I stashed it away from DH’s sight).

Scrabble photo frame

Deeda is what DS has called DH since he was tiny; it’s Daddy backwards. It’s not the most imaginative sentence in the word, but a sentence it is nevertheless.

Scrabble photo frame

Merry Christmas!

Wearing the trousers.

Suited and booted I ventured out to my first day at work yesterday. Filled with nausea/excitement I was catapulted into a grown-up’s world. Obviously being married and having a son does mean I have had a head start with this growing up business, but this was different. Somehow, going into work 9-5, stepping away from a life of education and earning big bucks (compared to minimum wage at a coffee shop anyway), has dramatically altered my lifestyle. Being a wife and a mother does not change how I live or my habits. I am having to adjust to a new environment, surrounded by normal working people, not family, or fellow students with their drunken tales.

I have already organised my desk, drawers and stacked up my collection of post-it notes. I was so excited to get my own desk; the novelty still has not worn off. I suppose it has only been two days.

Despite being eager to start something new, I find myself calling home on my breaks, using my hour lunch to see my boys; I practically run home after work. I miss them and have an overwhelming anxiety; how can the show go on without me?

The royal ‘we’.

The idea that we think this, we do that, oh no we couldn’t possibly agree with that, is in fact absurd. Of course, one of the wonders of being in a relationship is you grow together and become like-minded, knowing how each other feels about a matter, and their likes and dislikes. But does this now mean that one can speak on behalf of the other on such matters which requires an opinion?

The intricacies of each couple’s relationship are different, much like the intricacies of each individual. This is why I do not necessarily agree with stereotypical roles in the house. I like to think that DH and I are not only husband and wife, but we are a partnership. We both take it in turns to do the cooking, cleaning, looking after DS and being the breadwinner. There is nothing that I should only do because I’m a woman, nor does it mean that DH is excused from from the hoovering. What we choose to do depends on our preferences; we have a night time routine for DS’ 10PM feed, I change his nappy and DH feeds him. It’s what suits us, not society’s ideal.

It may be odd to an outsider when I say that DH will be finishing his degree this year whilst caring for DS, and I will become breadwinner. I think it’s unfair that just because he’s a man, he doesn’t get the same kindness and understanding I had in my final year when I had to juggle DS with my studies. Despite this, I love how this has panned out; DS grows up with both his mother and father in his life, and we both have the opportunity to get our degrees and work periodically. Best of both worlds.