What a way to make a living.

I am so overwhelmingly happy! Yesterday I received a phone call from the university offering me a job! I am ecstatic. It isn’t the job I was originally interviewed for; they said I did not have sufficient experience to meet that role. They offered me a position below it, for slightly less money, but still ridiculously good for someone who has been living off student loans and grants for the past three years! I had high hopes for getting a job at the university, it means no travel costs, I can come home for lunch to see DS, and I will be home within minutes from clocking off. I will be working in the same building as the new library, Augustine House, which is literally two minutes walk from my apartment. My start date is not until the 2nd August, but I am so excited already!

In celebration we went to Cafe Des Amis for lunch. We had crab cakes for starters and lamb fajitas for main; they were so amazingly good. If you ever find yourself in Canterbury, I would so recommend this place. They offer a generous 50% discount for students as well. Bonus.

Our celebrations did not stop there. On our journey home through town we decided to stop at Storm Front and reacquaint ourselves with the ipad. We then bought one. A bit extravagant perhaps? I think it is justifiable; we have had such a tough year and I have come through with a 2:1, DS was 0.6% off a first and I have managed to get a job within months of finishing my degree. On top of that we have a bouncing baby who is always so happy. DS loves the ipad, though I have a mild heart attack when he tries to grab it.

I think it is all starting to come together now. I have a few weeks to enjoy my last days as a student before I get the ball rolling. Working nine to five, what a way to make a living.