Snowed In.

It did cross my mind when signing our tenancy, that living on top of a steep hill, where the road is very narrow, might be an issue when it comes to snow. I dismissed it at the time in favour of a nice house, however now it actually has snowed, I am fearing the next couple of days.

You see, the only way is down where I live. Down the very steep hill where I would probably end up swerving the car out into the main road if I drove, or through a narrow private “road” (with pot holes all over the place, lovely home for the ice that is yet to come) where the car would probably skid into the wall or the fence opposite. And if we walked, no doubt I would fall, drag DS down with me and we would both roll down the hill, caked in snow, as if we were zorbing or something. I certainly do not want to relive our trip to Bodiam Castle, where I accidentally yanked DS down with me after taking a fall because of my inappropriate footwear. Poor boy.

For the moment though, leaving the hideous thoughts of it turning into some kind of giant ice rink, we enjoyed the snow and ventured to the local park.


Let me know what you think.

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