Get Out of my Hair.

I love DS’ hair. His luscious long locks, coupled with his sweeping fringe, is a rich chocolate brown and on occasion shines golden in the sunlight. It can be tucked behind his ears or left untamed in all it’s glory.

I take pride in my boy’s hair and do feel insulted when we are greeted with, ‘I think you should get his haircut soon‘, as if anyone other than Mummy and Daddy have any sway on what DS’ hair looks like.

We have only taken him to the hairdressers twice, both experiences were rather traumatic for everyone involved. I am not averse to getting his hair cut more often, although I do find it heartbreaking. Not just the physical cutting of the hair and handling a very strong toddler who will battle with all his might, but his hair has become part of his identity and to snip a part off does not sit well with me.

I cannot ever imagine my boy with a shaven head, or to generally not have it long. There must be a word to describe exactly what the feeling would be, devastation would come close, but slightly overdramatic I guess.

I will say it once more for clarity; DS Will Not Be Undergoing Any Form of Significant Hair Loss Resulting From a Pair of Scissors. 


Let me know what you think.

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