Christmas Cards.


28 : 4*

                           DS: Mummy & Daddy

…And that’s me being generous to myself; three of the four I actually received were joint cards with DS, and one was from DS (written by nursery). So really, the ratio should have been in decimal numbers in order to credit DS for the cards he had received but who cares.

This year’s turnout has been pretty disappointing. Not that I particularly look forward to receiving them, but you do tend to notice when the number you receive gets transferred over to your child. I am not alone; generally people are giving/receiving less due to whatever financial worry or the discovery of e-cards.

I am skeptical though, e-cards have been around for years. And those strapped for cash should have anticipated this and bought them in the sales last year. How else do you think I justify buying Paperchase cards? Only fools pay RRP.

I have only dedicated one shelf for our DS’ Christmas cards so they do look a bit squished. What I find most amusing is how the majority of the cards are miniature, as if they represent how small DS is. We obviously did not know that your cards grow with you, so we bought DS the sizeable one on the far right.


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