Terrible Twos.

Terrible twos; one of those umbrella terms we use for tiredness, teething, overexcitement, generally misbehaving, to ward off prying onlookers and those who love to judge. Whilst you are squalling in your cot for no apparent reason, dear DS, I seem somewhat bipolar in my newly adopted children’s TV presenter persona, whilst secretly wanting to scream.

My grandmother asks, “why do you not shout at him or smack him so he knows he’s misbehaving?” Clearly there is a generational gap in our views and practices. Shouting and displaying violence would merely teach DS those actions are acceptable, which they are obviously not. My strategy to kill with kindness is nearly always a very long and drawn out pursuit to distract DS from whatever it is he is so distraught about. The other day he threw a tantrum because he would not allow me to put on his other shoe and insisted on hobbling around the room. There really is no reasoning with a child.

Anyway, it’s not like there is a specific age where children just suddenly morph from an angelic baby to this monstrous being. Understandably around the age of two a child starts to develop a real personality and becomes defiant in their wants and, less so, needs. But it is not only two year olds that are terrible, my sister is six, she is pretty terrible too.

It seems the age of two is the beginning of something that nearly never ends.


2 thoughts on “Terrible Twos.

  1. You are not alone in having a son that refuses shoes. Often I have to attack my son’s feet with his shoes just to get the pesky things on!

    Sometimes when they tantrum the best thing to do is leave them for a few minutes to shout, bang and be angry in peace, then go back to them. Usually that works with my son…. although trying that in public can make me blush!

    • I forced the other shoe on him in the end, which probably didn’t help matters because he continued the tantrum for the next hour…

      I agree leaving them to it for a few minutes does work sometimes, though sometimes I do use the naughty step tactic too. It’s funny because he doesn’t actually get off the step, if that was me, I would have wandered off straight away!

      Tantrums in public are the worst!

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