Succumbing to Winter.

17th October – the day I succumbed to winter and switched on my central heating. I am quite frugal when it comes to the essentials, odd I know, which is why I have waited for DH to start moaning before the big switch on. Men usually keep their moans to themselves, so this was a sure sign that it is pretty damn cold.

Sitting with one layer of clothing on, in a room that appears to be quite toasty, is an unusual but pleasant feeling for me. I feel slightly naked without a jumper and my trousers tucked into my socks. I know this won’t last long as the warmth will dissipate as the cold sets in for the night. I have timed the heating to only last a few hours in the mornings and evenings, which leaves a large chunk of the day particularly chilling.

I refuse to have the heating on during the day in fear of the cost of our bills, even on the weekends. I know they won’t be nearly as extortionate as our old flat (no gas, pure electricity) where we had to pay £150 a month direct debit, which barely chipped away at our overall bill. But of course I still worry with the rising cost of everything nowadays.

David Cameron’s pathetic attempt to ‘urge households to cut their energy bills‘ illustrates exactly how out of touch his government is with reality. I do not own my home, therefore I have no control over the insulation, the type of boiler I use or my energy provider, and I already pay my bills by direct debit; what more would you suggest for me, Mr Cameron? It is not a leaflet with top tips on how to save money that would help households, but actually taking control and stopping the ridiculous rate of inflation.

I have grown tiresome of forking out way more than the rate of inflation for petrol, food, transport, rent, energy and childcare. Squeezed middle? What a fucking understatement.


Let me know what you think.

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