Where is that flux capacitor when you need it..

As the weeks/months/years go by, lessons are learnt and we as parents grow with our children. Amongst the advice and tips we receive, always pack a spare set of clothes and make sure you wrap him up warm, no one ever says you will never fully be alone. Mostly because this does not appear to be helpful, but it is realistic nevertheless.

We received advice which broached on the subject, such as make the most of your time together now, because when the baby comes… At the time, you nod smiling, then make your way to the pub for a night of sobriety, watching your other half enjoy a slightly intoxicating beverage. I feel like someone should have urged me to take that extra five minutes in the shower, read as many books possible and actually go for that run. Not that I would have listened, I am not a great receiver of advice, but I still would have heard.

Of course I cherish every minute I have with DS, especially now we are apart for a good chunk of the week. I would not trade those moments for anything in the world. But when he screams hourly for no apparent reason throughout the night, or insists he sits on the bathroom floor and play with his ducks whilst I am showering, it gets a little suffocating. A thread I found on Mumsnet lists four pages worth of mothers who share my pain.

Afternoon naps have become my golden hour, where I am able to sit in silence and write. The evenings we crave and often get as a reward from DS. On occasion he would punish us by not going to bed at 7 o’clock, insist on sprawling across us on the sofa whilst we eat dinner and in no way are we allowed to have a conversation he’s not in.

The long days and sleepless nights are forgiven when I hear DS’ laughter. He is worth all my time each and every day, however someone should have advised me to invest more time at Westfield, prior to DS’ birth. I have only been twice.


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