Getting Katty.

Admittedly, I am not much of an animal person. However, I am not sure whether my likes/dislikes for animals play any part in my hatred for Toby in particular.

Toby is a cat who lives in the house which backs onto our garden/courtyard. He likes to wander from garden to garden leaving behind a little trail of presents. These are not neatly packaged presents in which you can later decide to refund, oh no, these are round droppings that camouflage with the gravel. Last week, they were not even round droppings, they were disgustingly soft and sloppy. He must have been rather embarrassed and desperate to hide his shame to bury it so far into the ground. Unfortunately I still found it; with rubber gloves on and a plastic bag, I had to dig deep.


I spend a good portion of my day cleaning up DS’ poo, let alone having to pick up poo from someone else’s pet; there is only so much poo I can take. I am yet to investigate who the owners are and perhaps enlighten them of the situation. All I know of owners is that one is a middle-aged woman, who likes to holler ‘Tooooby‘ repeatedly at precisely 6 o’clock every evening. Occasionally she would summon her husband to call for the cat, however you can tell his enthusiasm is lost by the tone of his voice. He probably would agree with me that she is crazy in thinking a cat would actually respond to its name.

After reading that coffee grind acts as a cat repellent, we have been generously sprinkling this all over the gravel. Being the caffeine fiends we are, coffee grind is plentiful in this household. I did not expect this to work instantly, I somehow assumed it might take a while to build it up. However, after weeks of trying, our tactic has come to no avail. It may be effective when the grind is fresh, but once dried, it becomes odourless and ultimately useless.

I have read various ways of deterring unwanted animals. I do not like the idea of fixing an ultrasonic noise repellent to my wall outside as I think it would just annoy children. DH suggested putting down a litter tray, which I think is completely ridiculous and I refuse to buy a litter tray for a cat that is not even mine. So my next plan is to spend the minimal amount of money and buy chilli powder to sprinkle everywhere, in hope that the smell/taste will deter it from coming back. I am unsure whether this is actually counterintuitive; am I inevitably setting myself up for another job of cleaning up this feline’s diarrhoea?

I am willing to give it a go regardless of the consequences because I will not admit defeat to this wretched cat. DS use to enjoy picking up the gravel and lining them up on the fence one by one, however now he is not allowed to play in the garden. I can envision this nightmare situation where I turn around and see DS scooping up cat poo and attempting to wipe it on the fence; this is definitely not going to happen if I can help it.


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