Bowling for Fruit.

As you can see, this is my fruit bowl. It consists of:

3 bananas

5 pears

4 plums

5 apples

There are also a bag of grapes and box of cherries in the fridge.

I must be honest, I barely eat any of this. The bananas are mainly for DH to take to work, however the rest are consumed by a very tiny boy with a big appetite. DS’ favourite is a classic; apples. I try to vary the types of fruit he eats, but it is difficult with a boy who has eczema. Oranges are a definite no go and other citrus fruits are in a bit of a grey area. He has tried exotic fruits like mango and dragon fruit, but they were not a great hit and I am tentative to give him anything too exotic in case it makes him itch. Sometimes he will reject particular foods because of its colour or texture, which does not bode well for strawberries. I always try to incorporate them into yoghurts, slicing them into tiny pieces so it is barely noticeable. Although the older he gets, the harder it is to fool him.

I feel almost ashamed of my own fruit intake (DS’ leftovers), justifying my unhealthiness as a sacrifice for DS’ wellbeing. Let’s ignore the fact I could simply buy more fruit.


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