A Hair-Raising Experience.

After much deliberation, last night I came to the conclusion that DS most definitely needs a haircut. We contemplated growing it out, so he can look like one of those cool surfer kids. This would be the only age he could have long hair without dreadlocks jokes and the whole nits issue. We might still do this, however this time it would probably be more beneficial to have manageable hair come the start of nursery. He will be irritable enough without hair draping over his eyes.

When DS was around 14 months we took him to Rush in Canterbury to get his haircut, which was a horrific experience. They were young, stylish and most definitely not baby orientated. DS kicked and screamed as we forced him to sit on Daddy, whilst I tried my best to amuse him by glamorising every item possible in my bag. He threw everything I gave him across the salon in protest, until I revealed my shiny phone. I showed him all my photos and played him a few videos of himself at the park, and he eventually calmed down.

I learnt from this experience well, so last night I set off finding various distractions to fill up my magic bag. Instead of videos on my phone, I had an ingenious idea to use the iPad. I downloaded an episode of Bob the Builder and some kind of clip from a children’s film that was free on iTunes, along with an In the Night Garden app and one with flash cards to improve DS’ vocabulary. Next to go in the goodie bag was his favourite book, his wooden car, an apple and a hair brush. With all of his most adored objects in one bag, I was optimistic this haircut would go well.

This morning I made a phone call to Toni & Guy in Bluewater, my opening sentence being;

“Hello, I am looking to get my son’s haircut today. He is 20 months old, do you cater for toddlers his age?”

She started informing me of a promotion they have Monday to Wednesday (baring in mind today is Friday), which was half price for a children’s haircut with an adult’s haircut. Unwilling to spontaneously spend double the money on my own haircut just to buy into the promotion, I asked how much a children’s haircut would be today.

She responded, “it is £20 for a children’s haircut”

to which I replied, “that is ridiculous, he is only a baby, barely a child”

“Well this is Tony & Guy. We do not cut babies hair”

“Well I guess you should have answered my initial question. I will take my money elsewhere”.

After speaking to this rude girl, I called Look Fantastic in Gravesend to continue my quest. The girl at Look Fantastic said we could come in whenever and it would cost a reasonable £5.

DS was very happy running into the salon, however he immediately tripped over his own feet and fell to the ground. This was not a great start for what was yet to come. He began to cry hysterically and refused to sit on the chair. I propped the iPad on the table, switched on Bob the Builder and constrained him on my lap. This was a long and arduous battle with DS constantly thrashing about, hitting the hairdresser’s hand whenever she came near. He had worked himself up into such a state that he became overheated, so I removed his t-shirt and cooled him down in his undergarment. After a few minutes he began to settle, I swapped Bob for the In the Night Garden app and he was vaguely amused by Iggle Piggle dancing across the screen.

After around 40 minutes, DS’ haircut was finally finished and he was happy enough to start babbling away to the hairdresser. I gave him his apple and his smile was even bigger. Mission accomplished!


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