Dressed to the Nines.

I am thoroughly enjoying the summer holidays with the family, however I am also incredibly excited about my new job in September. As I will be commuting, I will inevitably arrive home a little past the usual dinner time of 6. This means preparing dinners well in advance, as well as clothes, DS’ day bag etc. I am quite an organised as it is, but this will take some real planning, maybe even charts, to ensure DS remains eating as healthily as he does now. I plan to pre-cook a large batch of healthy dinners and freeze them in tiny containers so he gets his continuous dose of goodness. DH and I are fine to eat a little later, but DS runs like clockwork and must eat at the same time daily.

I thrive on organisation and keeping everything in order, although the one part of this new advancement on advances strategy I dread is the ironing. And choosing tomorrow’s outfit. Those two things coupled together causes a wave of lethargy and my brain to melt. When I finally do pull myself together and am dressed to go, the lethargy dissipates, only to be replaced with a burst of panic when DS runs towards me with mucky hands. I think I will need to invest in a boiler suit or an old lady’s long-sleeved night dress in XXL to cover every part of my outfit; I am certainly not prepared to choose and iron another outfit in the same day.

In the next few weeks leading up to my new job, I plan to rejig DS’ entire routine and sign him up to a new nursery. Currently he feeds and sleeps at times which suited us as students; he has had the same routine since birth. He will still eat at the same times as he does now, however what was a snack time will become lunch, and so each meal time is pushed back in accordance to the nursery. I doubt DS will be too fussed with this new routine, as long as he is fed and can nap he remains a happy boy.

This is proving to be quite an exciting time for all of us. I am raring to go as we are catapulted into a new era of our lives. Dressed to the nines, the Bradley’s are ready for the kill.


Let me know what you think.

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