Going Green.

I have been obsessively recycling from an early age, probably around about the time I was runner-up for the 8-12 years category in the ‘Keep Gravesham Tidy’ competition. I fill my clear-sack bags with everything I consider recyclable, just in case I miss an item and it is left to disintegrate in the earth. Our main bin in the kitchen is for recycling, where even the smallest bit of plastic from the toggle of a milk carton, to a post-it note or a cd wrapper will find its home. We also collect glass jars, but they mount up in their thirties before we decide it is about time to get rid. I have been known to raid my in-law’s bin to pull out all the plastic/cardboard items for recycling. A step too far? Perhaps.

I expect this obsession of mine will pass onto DS, or at least I hope it will. It is important he learns to organise, put things away and dispose of items appropriately. Even before the item has finished being used; who needs cereal boxes when we have tupperware?

I learnt not long ago that my concern for the greater good is actually counterintuitive; some of our recycling is exported to places like China in a mass sorting ground for the poor to scavenge. This now paints the picture that recycling is a ‘bad’ thing, however this would happen regardless of my individual input. It is a dreadful way to earn a living but if we did not recycle, perhaps they would starve. Not that arbitrary reasons or justifications pose any great significance on my OCD behaviour. I just like recycling.


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