Are we growing up or just going down?

And so I have reached the grand old age of twenty-two. It is a bit of a nothing age; you still feel youthful and exuberant, but responsibility looms and the pressure to get a career started is on. Elders no longer ask, ‘what do you want to be when you’re older?’, as it is expected that you already have a plan underway. In your teens you were dreaming a world away, but as we timidly step into our twenties, we feel the need to progress in our lives before we hit the dreaded thirties and the next thing we know, it is a downward spiral from there.

I like to think I have crossed a few things off the list – drivers licence, car, degree, marriage, baby. One of my biggest fears is not having done enough. I need to feel like I have succeeded in something, even if it is just getting through the day with something completed. I have a mental list of different experiences and life accomplishments which must all be ticked off.

I have a full-time job, but that is far from ticking the ‘successful career’ box. I need a master plan that will lead me into riches and provide all the toys DS will ever want, whilst simultaneously being the best mummy. Watch this space, I will not settle for anything less.


Let me know what you think.

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