Cooking up a storm.

Over the weekend, I have become quite the cook. Over the years DH and I have mastered British and Italian dishes to perfection; our dinners varying from stews to roasts to lasagnes. This weekend however, I decided to take it one step further and try my hand at the Chinese dishes I find so daunting. I am so used to visiting my Grandma’s house for my weekly Chinese fix, but now I am a mother, I need to learn the tricks of the trade myself, if I am to have my son familiar with his Chinese heritage. Hopefully if I start now, he will never know how unskilled his mother once was.

We started off with prawn crackers, how very stereotypical. This was not very experimental at all really – It involved heating up oil in a pan and dropping small discs we bought from a packet in Tesco for 59p. They would expand and open up into an editable form. Simple, yet an effective start to what was to come.

Next I made an attempt with Thai green curry. Even though I followed a recipe, it went slightly wrong. I am one of these pedantic obsessives who insist on following instructions word by word, and because of this, I did not question ‘four tablespoons of curry paste’. If I had consulted DH, I would have discovered that in his previous attempt two tablespoons was too hot. Alas, I did not consult anyone but Felicity Cloake (founder of the Guardian recipe) and my curry went down in flames. All in all, with the consideration of it being excessively spicy put aside, it was very flavoursome and tasty. Luckily it was accompanied with fragrant jasmine rice to soften the blow. My second attempt will only have one tablespoon of curry paste and I imagine it will be superb.

I did not intend to make starters, main and dessert, this just happened by accident. My next experiment was Vietnamese Black Eyed Beans and Rice Pudding, with the recipe taken from this website. I wanted a way to include black eyed beans in DS’ diet for its nutritional value; it is very high in protein, carbs and fibre to build him up big and strong. Coconut is also very high in the good kind of fat, not saturates. I am obsessed with feeding him goodness, but I will save that for another blog.

As you can see my version does not look as appetising as the one pictured on the recipe, or maybe I am just not a photo genius. Either way, it was delicious. Almost as scrumptious as my Grandma’s, which is good enough for me.


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