Sugar You Make My Soul Complete, Rapture Tastes So Sweet.

iiO – Rapture (2001)

Thank God this didn't happen!

Do not threat, the title of my blog is purely a lyric from a song which occupied my mind every time someone mentioned the Rapture that was meant to bring the world to an end on 21st May 2011. Such a cynic that I am, clearly I would not support such a ridiculous notion.

Louis Throux’s hour documentary America’s Most Hated Family, illustrates just how absurd these people are. These believers would picket outside funerals, hospitals etc, with their signs evoking hatred for any being who had died, claiming that God had passed his judgement. They would rejoice in the death of anybody and everybody, even in natural atrocities, because God had decided to punish them for their sins. These people are now probably without homes, in debt and jobless; this is what happens when you give up all your possessions to preach in the months leading to the ‘end of the world’. Some would say they have their just deserts, but should we not pity the stupid?

I have no real inclination to hate the minority who were naive to believe they were the chosen ones and the rest of us will burn in hell. Such extremism and moronic behaviour does not incite much compassion from me, the most would be a nonchalant shrug with recognition of their stupidity.

I do obviously understand that a large population have religious beliefs, most with less extreme views, and cults should not represent the majority. However, not only do I find the idea of God bringing the world to an end completely ludicrous, I also believe the entire concept of theism to be unavailing and a futile man-made attempt to uphold the feeling of security across the globe. It is a little more complex than that of course, but the overriding factor is that religion brings comfort into people’s lives; much like sport, food and shopping. It is a sort of comfort eating, without the cake.

I do not hold prejudices or pass judgment on those who believe, because they cannot blamed; when one genuinely sees truth in God it is difficult to see any other option. Ultimately you do not decide your disposition; you can choose not to believe, but you can never choose to believe. It is hard to force yourself into a false sense of security, but if you can, you might as well invest in something more practical, like joining the police.


Let me know what you think.

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