Remedies do not cure the disease, they merely prolong it.

This 11 minute video is a good illustration of why I have a strong aversion to charity. It is not because I am heartless, nor is it because of greed, but for the knowledge that I would only be buying into an ideology that does not exist. As Slavoj Žižek highlights, ‘Charity degrades and demoralises’; it is not the solution to poverty.

I despise the propaganda exhaled from posters and promotional material, used to lure vacuous passerbys with a picture of an African child or a timid dog, whose lives would be saved with your pound. I do not appreciate being stopped numerous times on the High Street, approached in pubs or asked to sponsor someone to walk a few miles, then made to feel bad about it when I decline.

What I find quite humorous is when someone boasts about the charity they donate to monthly, as if they should be awarded a badge of honour. What made them single out that one charity above the rest? It appears this one charity is more worthy of your money than any other, maybe you think saving blind children is more important than finding a cure for cancer. Or maybe you just like donkeys.


2 thoughts on “Remedies do not cure the disease, they merely prolong it.

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