Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

– Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto.

May Bank Holiday, also known as International Worker's Day.

As DH’s final year of his degree is nearing to an end, I have an overwhelming sense of relief, anxiety and fear all bundled into one. Obviously there is relief that we will reach a new era in our lives, but this also conjures up anxiety and fear for what will come next. I am always one for planning (writing lists being one of my favourite past times), but at this moment in time, no matter how much research and effort I put into foreseeing the future, running through all the possible life options and weighing up their pros and cons, I am still none the wiser.

I feel like something should happen to launch us into a new and exciting part of our lives. I am not complacent with being average and succumbing to the dullness of bills, mortgages, working 9-5 and bumbling through life. I am twenty-two this year and have already achieved so much, but this is only the beginning. I want the same things everyone else wants; to travel the world, to be well read and an endless supply of money to lavish my son with gifts. These things are not unattainable, but require strategic planning. Coming from working class families, it just means we will have to work harder for what we want. I fully intend on ticking everything off on my ever-growing list; life, as I see it, is one big catalogue of experiences.


Let me know what you think.

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