Charity starts at home.

I am sure you are all very aware Red Nose Day is approaching in the coming weeks, with various advertisements on the TV, posters plastered everywhere and shop keepers cunningly placing red noses and badges, along with all his other impulse buys, strategically in front of the till. Obviously I understand the concept of giving to a good cause; it is not only rewarding for the receiver, but you get to feel good about yourself. It is not a selfish act as such, but it is not a selfless one either.

Annually raising large sums of money for Comic Relief takes away from all the other charities who equally deserve your money. There are other culprits too; Children in Need, Cancer Research, Oxfam, the list goes on. These charities are constantly fundraising with large events, marathons, occupying our televisions and our shops. Instead of having well-known charities like Children and Need and Comic Relief televised every year, there should be a conscious effort to get the public involved in charities that are unheard of.

Obviously the nursery has jumped on the bandwagon; children and babies will be expected to wear red or something Gruffalo themed on the day, for a small donation. DS has quite a few red tops and a Gruffalo rucksack he usually takes to nursery anyway. I am sorry DS, but on this day, you must pay.


Let me know what you think.

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