Cut the crap.

I can honestly say one particular salon in Canterbury, has to be one of the worst hairdressers I have ever come across. I’ll leave out the name and spare the business.

I have myself to blame really. I originally had planned to get my haircut at Rush but decided against it when they would not allow 50% discount for recommending a friend; because I had recommended them on a Saturday, not a weekday, God forbid. I was feeling particularly frugal that day and hunted around on the internet for another salon in Canterbury that would offer me a discounted rate. I was not willing to succumb to £45  for a haircut when I could potentially only receive a half arsed trim.

I enquired into one particular salon’s ‘standby appointments’, where you pay a fixed price of £25, pick a time and whoever is available at that time will cut your hair. I was under the impression I had just bagged a good deal, considering the person who would cut my hair was worth £40 normally.

At first glance the salon appears to be flawless, with shiny floors, big mirrors and Aveda hair products on show. I had my usual glass of wine; one of the main reasons I booked an evening appointment was to relax and be pampered. Unfortunately the wine tasted as if it had been opened and left in the fridge for a week. Clearly, it was all downhill from here. It is only when you look closely at the staff you realise why these ‘standby appointments’ exist in the first place; their haircuts are typically ’70s with the attire to match. Usually I would expect my hairdresser to have some wacky red dye in their hair with a splash of blonde, not barely brushed dull hair being held back with a crocodile clip.

Half way through my haircut one of the more eccentric hairdressers approached me and offered a ‘hand and arm ritual’, whatever that is. I kindly declined and added this onto my list of reasons not to return.

I had hoped I was just being cynical and these guys were just modest in their dress. But no, they did not have a hidden talent, my haircut was very disappointing. She somehow managed to make the hair at the front into a point, so the bits on the edge of my face would look like a triangle. I have not attempted to style my hair since, it is would just aggravate me more.

That night I woke at 3AM with a burning sensation on my head and the need to itch. My eczema had flared up on my face and neck, so I spent the next two hours fighting the urge to scratch. I had obviously reacted to the Aveda products so I showered to wash it all out and stayed awake until Jesse awoke at 7AM.

My lesson has been learnt; next time I will happily pay all the money in the world to avoid having my face burnt off by cheap shampoo. Budget hairdressers just don’t cut it.


3 thoughts on “Cut the crap.

  1. I’d just like to say that aveda products are not cheap. Your eczema must have had a reaction to the natural ingredients in the products.

  2. Hello, have just come across this interesting blog ‘cut the crap’. I know the exact salon you are talking about and would be happy to say I used to have the complete opposite experience every time i visited. Firstly I would like to comment on the fact you appear to have something to moan about in nearly every blog you post. I advise you to perhaps have a more positive outlook on life, as this may make you see things in a different light.

    Firstly I’d like to comment on the fact that the staff in the salon were always professional, friendly and fashionable. (Seeing as I work in this industry) I’m not sure which decade you grew up in but for me, I know that the girls did not represent the 70’s fashion in any way.

    Secondly a ‘hand and arm ritual’ is a relaxing sensual treatment you receive complimentary every time you visit. I found this to contribute to the great service. Its not only a relaxing experience but something other salons don’t offer. As you know, life with children can be stressful sometimes.

    Subsequently the hair style that I received was always a good shape, easy to style myself and very up to date with the fashion world.

    Last but not least, aveda hair products which this salon use (unlike any other salon in canterbury) are not in anyway cheap. If your skin reacted to these products it is most probably because your scalp is used to (silicone based) supermarket brands.

    I hope since you have found the perfect salon to meet your needs.

    • Hello Lucy, I would assume you most probably did have the ‘complete opposite experience every time you visited’, as an employee of the salon.

      My apologies if yourself and Hannah (above) misunderstood my opinion on the Aveda products; a costly product is not a representation of the quality of it. It might be an idea to use a product that does not contain allergens.

      Thank you for your comments. It’s great to see you’ve taken an interest in my blog. Just a tip on blogging, if you decide to jump on the bandwagon; the ability to analyse and critique provides a much more interesting read, as well as forming a part in progress and improvement. It certainly has nothing to do with ‘having a positive outlook in life’.

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