Got milk?

DS has reached the grand old age of one and now it is time to swap formula to cow’s milk. A few months ago I was quite dismissive of how I would go about this transition, but now the time has come,  I have comprised a strategic plan to make this a success.

There is a rule that says you must not give a baby cow’s milk before their first birthday, unless you are cooking with it. This is mainly because their stomach is not ready to absorb large proteins that are found in milk. We found out from a young age DS was allergic to cheese; we are not sure if he has an intolerance, but we are too afraid to test the waters at the moment. Because of this cheese issue we have been on edge about introducing cow’s milk, but alas, it inevitably has to be done.

A few days after DS’ first birthday, we decided to reduce the amount of formula we put in the bottle and add cow’s milk to make up the difference. We carried on the 5oz/2oz ratio for a few weeks longer than initially planned because DS became ill. We blame the illness on the nursery, but we did not want to take any chances. This week we have increased the cow’s milk dose to 4oz and he does not seem phased by it.

I really hope we can make this transition as quickly and smoothly as possible. DS does not notice the difference, but I do. The change is making me panic a little and I feel as though I am depriving my boy of something. Of course gaining cow’s milk can only be beneficial for him; it is fresh, full of proteins and vitamins formula just does not have. My ability to recognise when my worrying is irrational, only irritates me more.


Let me know what you think.

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