Birthday Boy!

So my baby boy finally reached his first birthday two weeks on Wednesday; I say finally as if it took a long time, when in fact, it feels like only a few months ago he was a newborn. On the day we celebrated with lots of cake (only for us of course) and lots of presents for DS. He was completely oblivious to his birthday, as you would expect, and disregarded his new toys in favour of his old ones. He found the balloons frightening and his walker and Scuttlebug bike too intimidating. Once he had a couple of hours to get his head around the new arrivals, he started playing with the wooden lorry we bought him. It looks much better than it sounds; it has holes on the sides which allow you to slot in the wooden animals, a leaver at the back to release them and a pull-along string at the front.

I think wooden toys are my new fad. They look authentic and classic, almost timeless. For the majority of toys, when there is a wooden and a plastic version, the wooden one almost always look better. Most plastic toys have a cheap tackiness shine to them, when they are hardly ever cheap. Do not get me wrong; DS has an array of plastic toys as well as wooden ones, and he loves them. He is not bothered by what his toys are made of so it makes sense that we, as parents, choose which toys we think would look most aesthetically pleasing in our home.


One thought on “Birthday Boy!

  1. This is far better than the plastic toys which are a hazard in many ways. Wooden toys which are being are made in an eco-friendly manner and hence they come as a boon to our already troubled Nature. One can never deny the emotional factor associated with this reasoning.If we consider about the environment and the ultimate destination of many toys which is generally landfill then wood is evidently better.

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