I had planned DH’s birthday event last night for the past three months. Obviously it did not actually take every day leading up to October to plan it, but the initial booking of the tickets required me to get in there early.

Tickets for what I hear you ask? Marlowe Comedy Club, which is a comedy night (hence the name) held in Bramleys Canterbury once every month. I gathered our friends from our hometown by the means of Facebook; the thought of using any other form of communication seems absurd to me. DH was unaware of what was happening, but I did have a scare when Facebook decided to remind me on my homepage that the event was approaching. In massive letters ‘DH’s SURPRISE Birthday Event’ was surely a giveaway, but luckily he was quite unobservant.

So the night came and my mother stayed over to look after DS; I am so glad he was a good boy as I am always anxious when someone else takes charge. I led DH into the town centre towards the Cathedral much to his confusion. Regardless of our lack of faith, he seemed to think I was taking him to mass. We bypassed the Cathedral and arrived at the Seven Stars pub for pre-drinks, where our friends were waiting for us.

It was such a good night seeing the group together, we had not seen them for months. We all lead our separate lives, be it in Canterbury, Gravesend or London, and so it is hard to organise everyone to be in the same place at once. The comedy was hilarious and the drinks were good. Overall, making it a very successful night.

All of us with a drink in hand almost made it feel like we were in the Pocock in Gravesend again, but the wooden piano in the corner and the girl sitting with a book gave it away.


Let me know what you think.

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