The blues.

I am currently lying on my sofa after my third nap of the day (bear in mind it is only 12.30PM) with my jarmies tucked into my thick socks and two jumpers on top. If that was not enough, I have also covered myself with a blanket. After waiting all week for this weekend, I can honestly say it has been a complete failure.

One may think that I am being over-dramatic about being ill, but I have been pretty much invincible for the past two years now. So when I started vomiting at half six in the morning, it obviously came as a bit of a shock for me, especially when my alarm was set for 6:45AM for the Next sale. Personally I blame my beloved little boy; he was ill all week with a cold and yesterday he started vomiting after meals. We think he is okay now as he is able to hold down his food and is more active, but unfortunately I remain suffering silently on the sofa.


Let me know what you think.

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