Those who can.

September 24th; this means we are only a few weeks away from reaching the end of our recruitment cycle for the academic year 2010-2011. For those who decide last minute they want to come to university, it is a mad dash to find the information to start the course they are already late for and to find somewhere they can call home. It would be very interesting to know the reasons behind the applications; whether an applicant genuinely wants to study the course of their choice, or whether it is to postpone working life. Either way, a willingness to learn is never a bad thing.

I grew up with the desire to go to university and often find it difficult to understand when others do not have the same inclination. I do understand those who seek to work in a field they enjoy, in whatever industry. But for those who spend years in hope that life will some day throw something at them, and for now they will just wait for it, I cannot comprehend. Some would argue, studying a degree that does not lead you directly into a specific role is ultimately a waste of time; and it is for the minority who cannot successfully pass that degree. For the majority though, it gives you a trump card that says on paper, you are better than someone who does not have a degree. Thus, having the ability to obtain better jobs.

It is known that a degree is not necessary for many job roles, yet recruitment agencies and employers ask for one. I see getting a degree as a natural stepping stone and it is essential for employers to ask for one to enable them to vet their staff. I know I most probably would not have got my current job now without my degree.

Doesn’t the saying go: those who can, do; those who can’t, teach work in retail.


Let me know what you think.

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