Big school.

Wishful thinking; I do hope the nursery workers are the next best thing to Mary Poppins.

My baby boy has started big school. I think it was harder for DH than it was for me; I had already accepted I could no longer be there during the day and that DS would carry on living his life with or without me. DH cares for him in my absence so it must be a complete shock to the system when our precious baby boy is taken away for a few hours. I do hate not knowing when something happens, as it happens, then finding out on my return that DS has reached another milestone and I was not there to witness it. It is a good thing DS will only be in nursery for two half days so it is very unlikely we will both miss out on any new stage of development.

Over the course of the week, DS is having what they call ‘settling in’ sessions. This is where DH takes him in for an hour and stays with him for the first session, leaves him for the hour to see how he gets on for the second session and then it increases to two hours. DS absolutely loves the abundance of toys and the company of others. It is funny how one would expect babies to play together like children, but apparently DS just crawls past fellow babies without a care in the world. They trade toys and then retreat back into their own little bubble.

It gives me the peace of mind to know that DS enjoys nursery and finds it exciting. I like to think he will gain a lot from this experience and as a result, have little play friends he can invite to his first birthday!


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