The want.

When I think about the future, I am engulfed with choices, the various paths we could follow and how little time we have to fit it all in. Ultimately, I am torn between conformity and the freedom of renting.

Bricks and mortar are what we all aspire to have, along with the ideology to ‘settle down’. Having a family spurs on my desire to have stability and a secure home for us. I want the four bedroom house with a huge kitchen, an en-suite to my bedroom, a study, a garage for our two cars and a garden for the kids, placed nicely in a cul-de-sac in the outskirts of a Cathedral city. But whilst I yearn for my house, I am left wondering what would happen once I acquired it? Committing myself to one place, which would inevitably be our home for life, seems all too much for me.

I am one for change; I like moving to a new place and starting fresh. There is something about moving to a new town, a new home and starting a new job. I like a challenge and feel like there is something to prove; my ability to relocate and reestablish myself in any given place. I see my life as a checklist of things I have/have not done and by living in various places, seeing the world in the process, I feel like I am ticking another box.

I guess it all depends on whether material items and the reassurance they bring mean more to me than the adventures of relocating. I can see both options within reach, but I guess the question is; do I have the want to designate large sums of money to resign myself to a life-long mortgage or to embrace the freedom of renting and frivolous spending?


Let me know what you think.

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