Mini adventures.

I am very happy to say, our little road trip to Bath and Exeter was a success. We made our long journeys with minimal disruption, DS was a good boy and the weather made the cities all the more beautiful. They were both picturesque in their own unique way; Bath was charming with its hills and quaint stone buildings, whilst Exeter resembled a bigger version of historic Canterbury. I am very much in awe of our cities and how just round the corner from a parade of familiar high street stores, you find an enormous representation of architecture back in the day. Much like Canterbury, Exeter would not be the same without both. The contrast enhances a city that is already aesthetically pleasing and gives it a personality boost. I would not want to live in any other kind of city.

We had such a good getaway, DS did too, despite not having much time to practice his newfound crawling skills. He reveled in our visits to the park where he would roll around like a puppy and explore the grass. Besides the relaxation of the park, our days were very much jam-packed with shopping and sight-seeing. We started our days with DS at 6AM, be out of our hotel by 8AM and would resign to our bed at 10PM in preparation for the next day. I know lots of people would not consider this as a holiday or an enjoyable trip, but I actually take pleasure in being constantly on the go. Early starts with a baby in a buzzing city beats two weeks lying aimlessly on a beach any day.

At eight months, DS has been on two holiday-esque trips. Now this trip is over, I am eager to plan our next. I am sure DS is equally as excited. Watch this space!


Let me know what you think.

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