Something to chew on.

At eight months, DS has four teeth. He has mastered the art of chewing and favours pasta, fish, chicken and meat for dinners. At first we found the transition from puréed foods to lumpy difficult, but within a couple of weeks he began sharing our meals. It is a sure sign that he is growing into a ‘real boy’, eating real meals and sharing fruit snacks with me.

A month or so has now passed since the first few teeth sprouted. Putting them into action, they no longer feel foreign to him. He is now able to explore objects and new toys with a whole new meaning. Every now and then he misuses his teeth; grabbing my face and pulling me in for a kiss, which inevitably turns into a bite.

There are lots of new things for him to learn as he reaches each stage of development at a rapid speed. He doesn’t quite understand why his mouth tastes minty twice a day or why only on these occasions I encourage him to blow raspberries, but he will learn soon enough.


Let me know what you think.

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