Army crawl.

My baby boy seems to be growing up faster than I expected. He is already able to pull himself across the room using only his arms, not bothered by the effort or weight. He hasn’t quite worked out the purpose of his knees, though I am sure with time he will figure this out. It is incredible to watch him army crawl from one end of the room to the other, jealous that I cannot make the same movement with such ease. I have read numerous books/websites, and listened to friends and family reminisce over their own children; they have all said that babies start to crawl at around eight months, but it didn’t quite register in my head.

Neglecting his toy caterpillar, he now favours his eczema cream bottle. He loves to push it, watch it roll away and then chase after it. It is amazing how something so simple could keep him occupied for a good hour. I do wonder when he will pull himself up on our furniture and then start to walk. Obviously we encourage him to reach each development stage, but it is frightening to think that he is actually turning into a real boy. Every now and then I try to cradle him in my arms as if he were a newborn and he refuses to cooperate; he fights with all his might against my will, to the point that he overpowers me and stands up with his little sturdy legs.

My boy is thriving individuality and his independence. I sense I will be saying this eighteen years on from now, but with less sorrow.


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