First past the post.

So tomorrow’s D-day; A-level results are made public, UCAS will be swarmed with students checking their university choices and our phones will be ringing off the hook. The past couple of days I have been processing thousands of acceptances and rejections on UCAS and it is amazing to think that one click of a button could dramatically alter someone’s life. I could have changed someone’s life for the better or worse two days ago and they would not have known it.

There has been a lot of talk lately focusing on the demand for more university places and how many applicants will be disappointed. I anticipate tomorrow is going to be manic. The BBC has released an article stating that Kent University is up 25% on applicants from last year; the only mention of Canterbury Christ Church University is at the bottom of the page (cheers for the publicity guys), but I can almost guarantee we will have just as many. What scares me is that I know that the majority of courses are already full, so when we get students crying to us down the phone desperate for a place, there is not much we can do.

I remember being eighteen and how tough it is having to make real choices that will actually impact the rest of your life. Regardless of how much you think you are grown up, independent and completely sussed, you are not completely ready. For some, they can continue living the dream; for others, it will be a rude awakening.


Let me know what you think.

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