Wearing the trousers.

Suited and booted I ventured out to my first day at work yesterday. Filled with nausea/excitement I was catapulted into a grown-up’s world. Obviously being married and having a son does mean I have had a head start with this growing up business, but this was different. Somehow, going into work 9-5, stepping away from a life of education and earning big bucks (compared to minimum wage at a coffee shop anyway), has dramatically altered my lifestyle. Being a wife and a mother does not change how I live or my habits. I am having to adjust to a new environment, surrounded by normal working people, not family, or fellow students with their drunken tales.

I have already organised my desk, drawers and stacked up my collection of post-it notes. I was so excited to get my own desk; the novelty still has not worn off. I suppose it has only been two days.

Despite being eager to start something new, I find myself calling home on my breaks, using my hour lunch to see my boys; I practically run home after work. I miss them and have an overwhelming anxiety; how can the show go on without me?


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