Time for rest.

This week is action packed full of people I need to see and things I want to do before I start work; hence why I have not made a new post in two days. Tonight I have crashed on the sofa from exhaustion.

Monday I went to visit a girl I met on a mum’s forum, who has recently given birth to a gorgeous little boy. He was so tiny I barely noticed him, sleeping on the sofa, upon entry. DS was huge in comparison, standing on my lap, bouncing and babbling away. This is the first time DS has ever met a baby and I think he was a bit bewildered. Seeing a newborn brought back to reality how much DS has grown up in such a short time and how her baby will also double in size in a matter of months. It is times like these you become all philosophical and start reflecting on life. It is incredible.

Tuesday was pretty hectic. I had arranged for my sister-in-law to visit a wedding venue near our hometown; it was a quaint country house and absolutely perfect. It was lucky I remembered attending a wedding here when I was around twelve years of age. I got so much enjoyment out of investigating into the various wedding venues in Kent; researching and organising are my forte.

Later that evening, we picked up an old school friend of mine and took her back with us to Canterbury. We wined and dined; eating homemade lasagne made by DH. Then she and I ventured out for a couple of cocktails and a good ol’ catch up. It is great when we find the time out of our busy lives and update each other on the latest gossip. She is one of those friends that I can go months without seeing, but nevertheless, we will still pick up where we left off.

I woke up feeling a little odd from the alcohol; mothers these days are such lightweights. We had to set off back to our hometown to drop our friend back home and pay a visit to my family. DS was beaming to see his great grandma, grandma and auntie. He spent some time with them whilst DH and I had the opportunity to take a trip to the cinema together for the first time, in what seems like over a year. We saw Inception with a couple of university friends, it was actually quite a good film. I recommend it.

I am not sure what to do tomorrow. Perhaps I should spend the day relaxing before throwing myself into a monotonous 9-5 schedule next week; but then again, there is no rest for the wicked.


Let me know what you think.

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