Don’t wake me I plan on sleeping.

(…Sleeping In – The Postal Service, always makes me think of DS and smile when it comes on in the car.)

I was terrified to go to bed last night. This overwhelming feeling of dread came over me, as I realised I would probably be woken up by screams in the early hours of the morning. You see, we finely selected last night to drop DS’ 10PM feed and see if he would go the full ten hours asleep.

All in all, it was a success; he slept until 6AM with a few minor disruptions. We needed to turn on his music box a couple of times to lullaby him back to sleep and on occasion he would kick the button himself and drift off accordingly. I am not really sure if he does this with intention. The next disruption was at precisely 3AM, when I was woken by the sound of DS blowing raspberries. He started doing this a few months back and it use to be very cute. Now it is used to holler at DH and I in our sleep. Another reason why it is not as cute as it use to be; he got good and started soaking my face, as well as his own.

We were not prepared to start our day at 3AM, so DH put him in his bouncy chair, and slowly but surely, rocked him rhythmically back to sleep. I cannot give this chair enough praise, it has been our savior. Ever since DS was a newborn, this chair has been able to soothe him with its lullabies, vibrating motion and bounce-ability. I am doubting how we could ever live without it, but it will inevitably happen soon. At seven and a half months, DS is far too big for this chair; you can see the chair edging closer to the ground from the sheer weight. He tries to sit up in it, so we hold him down. Then he tries to throw himself out despite being strapped in. Numerous indications that this chair is no longer baby proof for my baby. The thought of this bouncy chair no longer a part of our lives is as distressing for us, as it is for DS.


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