WANTED: A mummy like me.

Throughout the duration of my pregnancy I had midwives, health visitors and family trying to encourage me to join groups to meet other mums/mums-to-be alike. I was never really keen on the idea; I felt like I would be turning up to these groups empty-handed, listening to mothers discuss how their babies are developing and not be able to contribute. When I was five months gone, I plucked up the courage to join an aquanatal class, full of hopes that not only would the exercise do me good, but I would meet someone in their twenties that I would be able to relate to. Instead I found a small cliquey group of women who were way more experienced at this pregnancy thing than I was; I was politely shunned. Needless to say, I did not return.

Since then, I have had numerous opportunities to join groups run by the local children’s centre, but have found myself making excuses. When DS was born I wanted to join the Breastfeeding Group, but as he did not take to breastfeeding, I felt it would be awkward for me. I then decided to count down the days until he was three months so I could take him to a baby/toddler swimming group at the local pool. I ended up not going as I convinced myself his eczema would get irritated by the chlorine.

Thus far, my search for a mummy friend has been rather unsuccessful. I am willing to actively participate in these groups, but it is hard to get myself there in the first place. Maybe I will befriend one of the mums when DS starts nursery. Alternatively, if all else fails, I will neglect this search and just convince one of my single friends to get knocked up.


3 thoughts on “WANTED: A mummy like me.

  1. I know what you mean. I have had very similar experiences. I have been in luck though finding a good friend though one of my online groups that I am in on BabyCenter.com I couldn’t have been any luckier!

  2. It’s always good to have others around who are going through similar situations. I mean there’s just something about the common experience that can be bonding. Seems like you may have found a place – the blogosphere. Although not a face to face contact, there’s tonnes of mommy bloggers out there, going through pretty much the same sh*t as you (literally of course when you think of all the diapers we change on a daily basis……..).

    As for the face to face…keep trying: swim lessons, play groups, community centres, etc. I know in my area you can join play groups and then moms take turns hosting them at their houses…good luck! :)

  3. Kathleen, It’s true that some groups just click well and others not so much. I hope you find the group you’re looking for!

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