Nothing tastes as good as skinny.

I have noticed in recent weeks there has been a lot of talk around women and the various sizes they come in. I find it almost comical how being fat once use to give you an unsavory reputation, and now times have shifted, it is okay to put on the pounds; leaving the skinnies, who eat healthily and look after themselves, to be the bad guys.

Do not get me wrong; I do not condone anorexia, bulimia or any other form of eating disorder. Naturally human beings are designed to be thinner; we have demonstrated our ability to survive and evolve without being malnourished. The majority of individuals who are thin do not diet or starve themselves, they are just healthy beings who are judged upon because society chooses to accommodate our greedy nation.

This lax attitude in our modern day that makes it acceptable to be overweight is absurd. Perhaps our recent government’s cuts on housing benefit should have brought to light the real reasons why some individual chooses to abuse the system. Our deficit cuts should have focused more on the individuals who resign themselves to being overweight and claim that they are disabled, thus not working, exercising and using taxpayers money to fund the numerous care they receive from the NHS. Society has become somewhat lenient towards obesity in our ever-growing nation.

By no means am I saying there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ weight as such, some people are naturally bigger than others, that is not the problem. The issue lies when one’s lifestyle is substantially affected by overindulgence.

Fat seats in Brazil designed to hold up to 550lbs.


One thought on “Nothing tastes as good as skinny.

  1. I’m fat (trying hard to lose weight, though!), and from my perspective it doesn’t seem like society has gotten that much more accepting of people who are overweight. I do think it’s crap when people claim disability for being obese, though, or really for any other preventable problem!

    And you’re right, I have seen an attitude lately of judging thin people, or at least the culture of thinness. It does seem like in an attempt to counteract the unhealthy aspects of society’s obsession with getting thin, we go too far and stop acknowledging that it really is in everyone’s best interest to lose weight and be healthy!

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