Writings on the wall.

I stealthily sat up, raised the blind a little and huddled against the cold window that misted over with the warmth of my breathing, gazing out at the dark platform towards those rectangles of domestic lamplight that promised warmth, company, a supper of sausages hissing in a pan on the stove for the station master, his children tucked up in bed asleep in the brick house with the painted shutters… all the paraphernalia of the everyday world from which I, with my stunning marriage, had exiled myself.

The Bloody Chamber – Angela Carter.

The way in which literature is written determines its audience. In our post postmodern era, we embrace various styles of writing and are not dictated by dictionary spelt words and correct grammar. We are able to write colloquially, with fluency, without the judgment once posed by the Pre-Raphaelites.

Thanks to the Modernist Movement and technological advancements, we can now be expressive authors of not only books, but online blogs, forums, articles, and have the freedom to Tweet our musings to the world. This blog has become an exploration of my thoughts in which I chose to divulge publicly. It has enabled me to utilise my dreams and discover my writing style.


Let me know what you think.

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