One man’s reverie, is another man’s day.

Shibuya intersection in Tokyo.

One of the things I find amazing about the city is the buzz. Hundreds of individuals pass you, isolated in their own thoughts, day dreaming of what the day will bring. Trivialities concerning what’s for dinner tonight? I hope we win the match, he’s hot, did I lock the door? I love watching people go about their day, analysing their conversations and making up little scenarios in my head.

My apartment is situated in the centre of town, on the corner of a very busy roundabout. We have a rather large bay window which our eyes tend to gravitate towards whenever someone passes by. I remember once there was a teenage couple across the road who were arguing; we couldn’t hear them but it was very obvious the boy had done something wrong. He would pace around, looking awkward and wanting to leave the situation. She would shout with a flamboyant display of hand gestures. DH and I sat watching from afar as if this was a new reality TV show. We couldn’t help but take sides, getting into a gender debate. I justified that the girl had a right to be mad, he had probably cheated on her with her best friend; boys, the bane of a teenage girl’s life.

It’s funny how watching someone’s actions with such critique could provide so much amusement.


Let me know what you think.

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