Give me envy, give me malice, baby give me a break!

A little bit of common courtesy, with a pinch of grace, goes a long way. Amongst adults, this is the kind of behaviour you would expect from someone who dislikes you. In the company of fellow colleagues, friends and family, we are all too familiar with anecdotes of ‘you’ll never guess what’s happened now’ and ‘oh my God, what a bitch’. The act of gossiping is perfectly natural to women alike; we feel the need to express how someone has made us feel and hope the confidant jibes with similar aversion.

It is when the niceties stop and are replaced with malicious banter, that you know it has gone too far. Snidey comments to and fro on Facebook, posting websites with ulterior motives; it is all unnecessary. Yet when these playground tactics are met with some form of retaliation, it all seems too much to bear. I do wonder what I have done wrong, I was only playing by the rules you set.


Let me know what you think.

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