Women of the stone age.

I had an interview today and the kind of questions they asked required me to justify my intentions as to why it is I want to work. It begs the debate; should a woman resign herself to her children and her husband, or are women equally as capable to be the breadwinner?

The conventional view that women are best suited in the home and men need to venture out and feel like they’re the provider, is very outdated. Traditionally women need to stay at home to breastfeed, but in our modern day, we are able to express or use formula milk as a substitute. I do not understand this stone age view that a woman should be subjected to the home; personally, speaking as a human-being, these four walls will not suffice. Let’s face it, we’re not martyrs. Our children do not expect us to sacrifice ourselves for them, and it is possible to raise them successfully whilst working.

I want to start working because I want to be successful in my own right. I do not think a woman can be fully complacent with her life if she has nothing more than her home. Of course DS will always have the best upbringing, by myself or my husband, so he shouldn’t notice whether it’s mummy or daddy who earns the bucks.

Lets not forget about the man in all this. For families where there is a father, it is perfectly acceptable for a man to play a role in the house. I don’t think a household should be dictated by social norms, and if a man wants to be a house husband and the wife is fine to work, whose to judge their decision?


Let me know what you think.

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