Oh boy.

From birth, babies have their gender pushed upon them, forcing them to be a particular stereotype and have a certain personality. I neither agree nor disagree with a blue/pink baby; allowing boys to hammer away with plastic tools and girls to comb Barbie’s hair.

Most people fantasise about having a baby girl, so they can dress them up, take them shopping and plait their hair. I’ve discovered that boys are equally as fun; you give him a cool name and an outfit to match. Styling his hair after he’s had a bath is another one of my favourites.

With the inevitability of him growing up, there’s less to worry about. I need not fret about him having a menstrual cycle, bringing boyfriends home or getting pregnant. I guess the only thing that niggles away, is the prospect of having my son need me forever (thus creating a mummy’s boy that will inevitably be a loser at school), or get brainwashed by someone who insists on being a bitch of a daughter in-law. There is a chance he’ll marry a modest sweet girl whose extra nice for brownie points, but that’s a one in three chance, right?


Let me know what you think.

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