You are a shining light.

I was reminising through last week’s Bournemouth pictures. It was such a good getaway, and DS couldn’t have been better behaved. I sometimes get the feeling people doubt me when I say how good my baby is, as if I’m making up some kind of cover up story.

In the day we went shopping,  had fish and chips by the sea front and saw some fishies in the Oceanarium. In the evening we would feed DS, put him to sleep in his pram within minutes, and set off for dinner. Day one we went to an Italian restaurant near our hotel (Castello or something?), where I had tagliatelle with salmon, and DH had seafood and ristto. They were both so good we swapped meals half way! Day two we went to an Indian restaurant (Indian Ocean) which was probably the best Indian I’ve ever had; bearing in mind that we order an Indian takeaway as a ritual every week. DS was asleep throughout all this wining and dining, so after we decided to venture to the pub round the corner from our hotel. This is the venue I beat DH 2-1 at pool. Oh yes. Luckily for DH, DS did not wake to witness his defeat.

The pub was quite welcoming to us, despite the pram, which was peculiar considering it was that day BBC News were raving on about how awful it is when parents drink in front of their children. I did get a few funny looks from the elderly, but that is to be expected. I had one drink to be polite, seeing as I was using their pool table, but to be honest DS wouldn’t have noticed if I had two.


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