‘Cause we’ve all been painted by numbers.

We should bring back the abacus in schools, why did we ever stop using them? These kids are extraordinary at what they can do. I don’t think it’s particularly cruel; it starts off as a game when you’re young and it becomes something you want to thrive in. It teaches discipline, keeps you sharp and makes you want to learn. Three things which children lack in this modern age. Maybe if this was reintroduced and teachers were stricter in the classroom truancy, underage sex, drugs and whatnot, would not be an issue.

I’m going to buy DS an abacus soon; he’s too young to learn but it will be a good game. Although I agree with this method of teaching, I would not subject DS to the intensity of how the abacus is taught in Asian counties. I think there is a line, and if we get it right, children could really benefit from this.


Let me know what you think.

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