Sticks and Stones

This is ultimately shocking. The article highlights the horrific nature of the punishments issued by Iran, or more specifically, Sharia Law. I do not follow the Western ethnocentric ideology that only “our way” is the “best way”, but in this case, I think we may have a fair point. It is sickening to see in our modern day in age, people are still stoned to death as a form of punishment. And before the stoning takes place, the “criminals” are buried waist high if you’re male, and up to your shoulders if you’re female (in case your breasts became exposed). Human Rights activists should be having a field day with this, but of course, Iran tries its best to keep hush on these matters.

Well Iran, sticks and stones. You should have nothing to fear. Let loose the media I say.


Let me know what you think.

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