So sign me up and toss this key, ’cause for now, we’re living.

Today I found out I graduate with a 2:1 in English and American Studies. Boom. I can’t explain how gratifying it is to finally get what I’ve been working so hard for. DS has been an inspiration to me to get back on track and really focus on getting my degree. He doesn’t even know.

I spent the day at Sandwich Technology School conducting questionnaires to year 9 and year 10 students, as part of a temp researcher job I’m doing. I really do enjoy this job, it’s a shame it’s not permanent. This was the fifth school I’ve been to in the last month, and each one has been so different. I’ve really learnt a lot about schools, education and how both will really suffer with the cuts put in place. Schools all over the country are struggling as it is with the budget they have to work with, and to have more cuts, less resources, sufficing with run down buildings and incompetent staff – It’s a travesty. Teachers need a higher calibre and a passion for teaching. What I’m seeing now is an overwhelming surge in the number of graduates who move onto doing a PGCE just because their degree on it’s own is inadequate. It’s not a good enough reason to become and teacher, and it shouldn’t be so easy.

I’m quite excited for tomorrow – I have my second interview at a place in Whitstable. I would like to get the job, obviously, but I do have two other interviews lined up in the following weeks I have high hopes for.

Looks like it’s all systems go!


Let me know what you think.

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