DIY party invites

DS’s birthday is coming up and I stupidly kindly agreed to throwing his first proper party with school friends. I’ve been shopping on Etsy and various other websites for party invites, and as fabulous as they are, I’m not really willing to pay for a PDF file and still have to get them printed at a further cost.

I decided to put my Photoshop skills to the test and make my own invites, thank you cards and labels for the cake boxes as cheap as possible, while ensuring they are just as good as the ones on Etsy. Here’s how they turned out…

Party invites

invitationblogI downloaded images from Shutterstock for my invites, but you can get your images from anywhere as long as they are high resolution.

To make sure the print is high quality, set the image resolution to at least 300 pixels per inch. Change the image size to how big you’d like your invites to be – mine are 4x6in. Once you’ve created the invite, save it in PSD format so you can make any alterations later on and save another in CMYK mode JPEG format, which is best for print.

There are lots of websites (Snapfish, Truprint, Photobox, Boots Photo etc) that offer a number of free prints the first time you register. I used Boots Photo to print out my invites, as they offered 20 free prints with 99p delivery charge. I bought C6 size envelopes in Morrisons (25 for 50p), which brings the total cost of my party invites to £1.49 for 20!

(I’ve changed DS’s name, the location of his party and my telephone number on the image for obvious reasons…)

Cake box labels

thankyoucard3I’m not keen on giving out slices of cake wrapped in tissue at parties, as often the tissue (and everything else in the party bag) are soaked in grease, cream and icing, so I purchased 25 small cake boxes on eBay. I wanted to jazz them up a bit so I made labels for the boxes.

I measured the face of the box (9x6in) and set the image size slightly smaller to 7x4in on Photoshop. The image is from the same set of football images on Shutterstock, and I made the green font match the green on the image.

Again I saved the image in PSD and JPEG formats, before opening a new blank canvas as A4 size (210mm × 297mm) and dragging the JPEG version over continuously until I filled up the page. I saved this as a high resolution JPEG image before opening again in Preview and sending to print. I used normal white paper and a standard laser printer, so my total cost, without including one sheet of paper and ink (let’s not be pedantic…) was £0.

Thank you cards

thankyoublogEver since DS could write, I’ve always insisted on thank you cards for birthday presents. If someone took the time to buy and wrap you a gift, you can spare a few minutes to scribble a few words on a sheet. And anyway, it’s good to practise writing cards and using a pencil. We don’t really bother for Christmas presents, as it’s so close to his birthday, it may be a bit cruel to spend hours on end writing cards…

As he’ll have a fair number of cards to write out, I thought I’d spare him the same repetitive sentences and have them printed on the card, that way he only needs to fill in the name and present.

I haven’t printed the cards yet, but I’ve purchased cardstock from Amazon for £3.78 and I plan to print them using a standard printer. I’ve managed to fit two 5x7in invites onto an A4 sheet – you can fit three 4x6in if you want them smaller.

I love you because…

Desperate for a creative way to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, I took to Pinterest for inspiration.

Traditionally (and I’m not sure who made this up), the fifth year of marriage is meant to be celebrated with a gift made of wood. Don’t worry, I haven’t taken up carpentry. This is what I’ve made… <proud face>

photo frame


What I purchased to make this:

- 8x10in Wooden photo frame £12.99 TK Maxx
– Natural linen burlap/ grain sack fabric from £3 Etsy
– Reynolds Freezer Paper £5.38 Amazon (I couldn’t find this anywhere else online – if you happen to be in the US, pop to WalMart – will be a lot cheaper!)


1. Cut out the fabric and freezer paper to the size of an A4 sheet of paper, to ensure your printer will take.

2. Iron the fabric so remove the creases, and then match up with the freezer paper (with the plastic side facing the fabric) and iron. Make sure the fabric is facing down and you’re ironing on the freezer paper. It’s important you get this right, as otherwise you’ll end up ruining your iron!

3. Once the freezer paper is stuck to the fabric, trim off any loose edges.

4. Now time to choose some whacky fonts (if you’re not happy with the standard ones). I used Sunshine in my Soul and Return to Sender on Da Font, as recommended by this blogger.

5. I used Photoshop, but you can use any application to type your text. Make sure the font is big, and the text is centralised. Remember the size of the paper is most probably bigger than the size of your frame.

6. When you’re good to go, feed the fabric/freezer paper to your printer and print! I’ve got a standard HP Deskjet printer – you can use any printer to do this (believe me, mine is not fancy at all).

7. Once you’re done, trim the fabric/freezer paper to the size of your frame. Peel off the freezer paper gently and snip off any frayed edges.

8. Add it to your frame and voilà. All you need now is a whiteboard pen to write lovely messages :)

photo frame

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature microwave steriliser review

I was given one of these lovely Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature microwave sterilisers to road test. The steriliser comes with a 150ml bottle, a soother and a pair of teat tongs.


I was skeptical at first, after my experience with the Philips Avent equivalent when DS was a baby. The Philips Avent steriliser was tough to open when cold – if you wanted to reopen it once you had closed it, or if didn’t open it within half an hour of sterilising the bottles, it was almost impossible. The only way to open with ease, was to put it through the cycle of the microwave to soften the plastic.

The Tommee Tippee microwave steriliser however, had a button on each side (instead of a clip on the Philips Avent) and I had no problem opening and closing, regardless of whether the container had been warmed up. The container is light, and there are clear slots where you can place the teats, lids and the bottles, and it comes with a pair of teat tongs (keeps bottles sterile when picking them up and saves you burning your hands!). If the container is unopened after use, the bottles remain sterile for 24 hours. Handy if you forget to sort the bottles out straight away!

I would say it would be better if more than four bottles could fit in the container – perhaps six. At eight minutes in my microwave (and this time can be reduced to four minutes, depending on what microwave you have), I wonder how much electricity it uses in comparison to the electric steam steriliser after a day’s use. The container is compact and can be easily stored away, which explains the limit of four bottles.

I would definitely recommend this steriliser. It’s certainly a practical size if you’re planning to transport it to someone else’s house, perhaps having it at grandma’s, and using the electric steam steriliser for home use. At £13.49 (currently the price at John Lewis and Amazon) you can’t really go wrong.

The Baby Show – Excel 2014


I didn’t think I’d find myself say this, but I am thoroughly excited about The Baby Show at the Excel Centre, London, 21-23 February 2014.

I hear you ask, Why would you need to go to The Baby Show when your baby is no longer a err.. baby? DS may well be too old to rock a onesie (debatable for some adults…) but my new bump isn’t. That’s right – BUMP.

I didn’t have the time or money to attend these kind of shows when I was pregnant with DS, so this will be a real experience for me. I know it’s all babies need are the basics, this is full of consumerists blah blah… but I do like buying baby stuff. I want to indulge and enjoy this pregnancy with all the frills.

As this will be my second, I’m not sure I need any ‘expert advice’ <up on my high horse>, but it’s great they’ve got workshops on various topics such as weaning, expecting twins, breastfeeding, sleep etc.

If you’re interested in attending too, they’re offering readers of my blog tickets for £11.95 (RRP £20) if you enter the code BC001 to this page.

Taking a step up(cycling)

It’s been a while, I admit. But let’s not dwell. 

I’ve been forever browsing decor ideas on Pinterest, waiting for inspiration to strike. It came, in the form of a ladder

So I sent DH to the local junk shop, where he found a wooden ladder. We had measured how long we’d want it at home, so he purchased the ladder, carried it to the car and took a saw to it (don’t worry – we didn’t want it to function as a ladder…)

Once DH got it home, he sanded the ladder and sponged it down with some soap. We then took a trip to Wickes and bought three brackets. We were paranoid about how much the ladder could support, so we opted for heavy duty brackets.

Half an hour later…



Although I didn’t actually create any of this (I’m more of a thinker, than a do-er) – DH said himself it was pretty easy to do.

Overall cost…

Ladder – junk shop £15
Brackets – Wickes £2.49 x3

A play on words.

I wanted to make something special for DH’s Christmas present, and in an attempt to out-do myself, I decided to make an even better photo frame than the last one.

I won’t take all the credit – I got this idea from, but just wasn’t willing to splurge £49 for an assortment of arbitrary words. I do detest when random verbs are framed, like ‘laugh’, ‘smile’, ‘happy’, makes me want to throw a thesaurus at it.

Moving swiftly on – what you’ll need to buy is a 3D box frame, Scrabble letters (Ebay, of course) and glue.

Scrabble tiles

When you order your Scrabble tiles, make sure you read the description and check you’ve got all the letters you need. There’s a huge choice on Ebay, most are good but some are a bit naff and only provide vowels or one letter in particular. Read the small print.

3D box photo frame

As for the photo frame, obviously make sure it’s a 3D box frame, but also that it comes assembled. I didn’t read the small print <slaps wrist> and bought a frame that came in parts. This was from Ebay too, but there are also quite a few on Amazon.

3D box photo frame

Hopefully you won’t have to do this part – but I had to screw in the border to hold the glass in place. Luckily DH’s drill/screw driver thing was lying around and I managed to work it out. This was definitely the hardest part, but I’m a bit pathetic not one for DIY.


Next I placed one of DS’s drawings under the template for the frame, drew around and cut it. Obviously you can use a different background, or just keep it plain.


I had to make sure the tiles fit before I glued everything down. I spent fifteen minutes searching for glue to no avail, so I gave up and used flooring adhesive…

Scrabble photo frame

When the glued had dried, I placed the frame on top and sealed it. Here’s the frame on my wall (before I stashed it away from DH’s sight).

Scrabble photo frame

Deeda is what DS has called DH since he was tiny; it’s Daddy backwards. It’s not the most imaginative sentence in the word, but a sentence it is nevertheless.

Scrabble photo frame

Merry Christmas!

A facepalm situation.

facepalm statueI did something unforgivable yesterday. Although the funny thing is, he forgave me and I kind of knew he would.

Last night I succumbed and purchased tickets to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical for June next year. I had been umming and arring for the past couple of months about whether booking in 2012 for 2013 was actually too far in advance, who knows what plans may arise in the next seven months. But I used my sister’s birthday as an excuse and went ahead with it. I went to bed happily thinking I had ticked another box on my list, and even more chuffed that I received £10 off each ticket because I booked within the month the play was opening.

It was not until this morning whilst I was waiting for my train, I decided to jot down the date of the musical in my diary. At this point, the look of horror spread across my face as I realised I booked the musical on my wedding anniversary. <insert facepalm emoticon>

It took a diary entry to remind me it was my wedding anniversary, and if I hadn’t of checked, I probably would have remained oblivious. I even had a think about what’s happening in June before choosing the tickets, making sure I didn’t book it on the weekend of my FIL’s birthday. Maybe this whole fiasco makes me a terrible wife, but I may possibly score brownie points with the in-laws as a result – silver lining and all that.

I called DH, very apologetic and all, but luckily he didn’t mind too much. He did point out that if the situation was reversed, I would have been furious with him – he’s not wrong. I could have gone into a tirade about how his overly relaxed reaction must actually mean he was the terrible one… But I didn’t.

So I’ve spent all day screaming trying to rectify the situation by sitting on hold to See Tickets. Thankfully, they sympathised and didn’t laugh at my stupidity (at least not that I could hear). They allowed me to rebook the tickets for a different date and refund the original tickets. Eeee.

Hurrah! All is well with the world again.